Vespa GTS & Vespa LX Service Kits

Owners and dealers alike who service the Vespa LX 125, and GTS 125/300 scooters will welcome the service kits from VE (UK).

The VE Actif “service kit in a box” includes all the items required, apart from lubricants, to service their scooter. The kit covers all aspects of the service and includes: rear brake pads/shoes, front brake pads, drive belt, variator rollers, oil filter, air filter(s), and Champion spark plug (in blister pack as shown). Buying the kit over individual parts not only saves you money, but also makes sure that you have all the parts required for the job in one complete bundle.

If you need to add oil to the service kit, VE (UK) can help with that as well. VE (UK) stock the ENI range of oils, the manufacturer recommended lubricant for the Vespa range of Automatic scooters, ensuring that your engine is as protected as the day it left the factory.

Currently the kits are available for the Vespa LX 125, Vespa GTS 125, and Vespa GTS 300.

To purchase any of the featured service kits follow the links below:

VS19277 – Vespa LX 125
VS19278 – Vespa GTS 125
VS19279 – Vespa GTS 300