Malossi Forcemaster 2 for Yamaha X-Max 125 2017 On

Malossi have released their Forcemaster 2 ECU for Yamaha X-Max 125  scooters (2017 on), giving owners an increased range of tuning options.

The new Forcemaster can be fitted to a standard machine or to one that has already had tuning modifications made. Suitable for both the E3V9E and E31LE Euro 4 model variants, the ECU raises the rev limiter by 1000 rpm, giving better overall performance.

Key features include:
• Fuel injection adjustment by +/- 20% at low, medium, and high RPMs
• Rev limiter raised by 1000 rpm
• 4 preconfigured mappings:
• 1: Original cylinder and sports exhaust with DB killer
• 2: Malossi cylinder kit, original exhaust, original camshaft
• 3: Malossi cylinder kit, sports exhaust, original camshaft
• 4: Malossi cylinder kit, sports exhaust, Malossi camshaft

To order the above or view the complete range of Malossi products available from VE (UK) use our dedicated Malossi parts finder HERE

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