Lambretta GP/SX/TV 200 Mugello 200cc Cylinder Kit

Mugello cylinder kits have long been highly regarded as the cylinder of choice for Lambretta owners looking for more performance whilst retaining a standard cylinder layout.
The 200cc Mugello cylinder follows the same lines retaining a standard layout while adding 2 extra transfer ports for increased performance when compared to the original 200cc cylinder.
This layout allows you to use a standard carb and exhaust if required but they are best suited to 24/25mm carbs and clubman style exhausts for touring use. For owners wanting a little more power they can also be used with a 30mm carb and expansion chamber exhaust systems with great effect.
Manufactured completely from alloy with a Nikasil plated bore, the cylinder is supplied with everything required for fitting to your Lambretta 200cc GP/SX/TV.
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