Malossi 183cc Cylinder Kit for Vespa GTS 125 iGet Euro 4

Malossi have released a new cylinder kit for the Vespa GTS 125 iGet Euro 4 specification machines, which is now available from VE (UK).

The new 183cc cylinder kit is manufactured from an aluminium alloy with a high content of silicon which has been machined on high precision CNC machines with a tolerance of just 0.05mm. Technical features include, recalculated heat exchange surfaces for more efficient cooling, ultra compact lightened and reinforced piston kit, and low friction piston rings.

The new cylinder kit requires the fitment of the Malossi Forcemaster 2 ECU (VM557738) which allows adjustment of the fuelling with 4 different maps and increases the rev limiter by 1000 rpm.

Both items are also suitable for fitment to the Piaggio Medley 2016 onwards scooter.

Available to purchase from using the following links:

Cylinder Kit – VM317737 –
Forcemaster – VM557738 –