CASA Lambretta Close Ratio 4 Speed Gearbox

Lambretta owners looking for a high quality close ratio gearbox for their scoter will be interested in the sport specification kit by Casa Lambretta, available from VE (UK).

The new gearbox kit includes 4 gears and gear cluster made from a high grade forged steel, and feature an all new tooth profile offering maximum strength.

The gears and gear cluster have been tested under race conditions to ensure a highly durable product.

Designed to fit any Lambretta Series 1 Li, S2, S3, GP, DL, or Servetta scooter.

Gear ratios:
1st gear – 11-50 (same as Li 150)
2nd gear – 14-41 (same as Li 150) 55% increase from 1st
3rd gear – 16-39 (same as Li 125) 20% increase from 2nd
4th gear – 18-36 (same as GP 200) 22% increase from 3rd

The advantages of the gearbox include:
• Close ratio increases from 2nd to 3rd to 4th gear of around 20%.
• Final drive ratio in 4th is the same as a GP200.
• Top gear will produce approximately 9.4mph per 1000 rpm with 18t/47t sprockets.

Owners will need to fit a front sprocket of 18 teeth or more to achieve the best results on a tuned engine.

A 5 speed gearbox kit (CL11019) by Casa is also available from VE (UK).

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You can now order online at or call us on 0115 946 2991.