Malossi Delta Clutch for Honda 250-300cc Scooters

Malossi have launched a new “Delta Clutch System” for the Maxi Scooter market. Their latest fitment caters for owners of Honda 250-300cc automatic scooters.

The “Delta” clutch is a fully adjustable assembly suitable for both road or track use. The perfect operation of this device is fundamental to obtaining a good start from standstill, and exiting from tight bends, where the speed of the vehicle is critical. The advantages offered by the “Delta” clutch when compared with the standard unit is massive, even for a road vehicle, because it allows sophisticated tuning options for a very wide range of engine revs.

Supplied as a clutch system complete with matching 135mm clutch drum.

Suitable for fitment to:
250cc: Honda Foresight, Honda Forza, Honda Jazz.
300cc: Honda Forza, Honda SH

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