CASA Lambretta Electrical Parts from VE (UK)

When repairing or restoring a Classic Lambretta choosing to fit high quality replacement parts should be at the top of the list. VE (UK) stock a great range of Casa Lambretta electrical parts to finish the job off perfectly.

Wiring looms: At the heart of the electrical system, Casa’s looms are manufactured to a high quality finish using only top quality connections. Available in AC and DC versions for Series 1, 2, and 3 Lambretta Li, SX, TV, and GP scooters.

Switches: VE (UK) also stock Casa’s range of Ignition switches, kill switches, and light switches for Li, SX, TV, and GP models. All of the highest quality.

Headlamps: Available for the Li, SX, and GP Models, all headlamps are manufactured to a high standard and feature glass lenses with highly polished reflectors. VE (UK) also stock Casa bulb holders, and bulb holder clips.

Ignition kits: The Casatronic ignition kits feature a variable advance and retard system, which automatically advances the ignition timing closer to TDC as the revs increases and retards the timing away from TDC as the revs decrease. A great feature for any rider.

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