MALOSSI VR-ONE REED VALVE CRANKCASE – VESPA 200. The Malossi VR-One MHR crankcase is a bold development by Malossi, available for the Vespa 200, they come with transfer ports already aligned to match the Malossi cylinder kits, this reed valve version comes supplied with a reed valve manifold suitable for carbs up to 30mm and has been redesigned for a much larger reed block that is equivalent in size to a 6 petal block. Gone are the M7 bolts securing the crankcase together and in their place are M8 Allen bolts and a with a closer look you can see all the mountings for the crankcase bolts have been reinforced.
Supplied with engine mounting rubbers, cylinder studs, crankcase bolts, drain/filler plugs, and washers, reed valve manifold, crank bearings, and oil seals.

Available for both models, PX125 and PX200, in either Rotary or Reed Valve versions. The type shown is for the PX200 reed valve type.

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