JPP Alloy Lambretta Components

JPP Alloy Lambretta Components

LE17094 – High precision CNC super lightweight Gear linkage sets. Set comprises of Gear swivel arm and pin, adjuster block with adjusters, gear tie bar, Allen screw mounts. These sets are high precision and extremely light and designed to help avoid sloppy gear changes.
LE17095 – New Style Breather with flexible pipe design to be used with catch bottle. J Some engines throw out more oil than others so linking to a pipe allows oil to be thrown out, caught in a catch tank or bottle. Supplied with a flexible pipe.
LE17096 – High precision Drain or Level Plug with built-in Magnet.
LE17097 – The JPP progressive throttle pulley is exactly what is needed for a big carb, the design opens the carb with less twist of the throttle.
LE17098 – The JPP gear pulley is designed to take the play out of the gears that have been developed on BSSO race bikes.
LE17101 – New rear hub nut lock plate system. Features a lightweight but thicker 6mm anodised alloy locking plate, using not 1 bolt but 3 to secure it, the kit complete with three extended stainless M7 cap screws. The Head of the screw is larger diameter and fits snugly against the nut.
LE17102 – Lambretta throttles don’t always close, to help we have a Handlebar throttle return spring, not a standard part, and will require a hole to be drilled in the throttle rod, This is tricky and requires basic engineering skill and some patience. If unsure get a competent dealer to fit for you.

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