Malossi 210 + 221 Kit Revamp 2021

Malossi 210 + 221 Kit Revamp

Malossi having revamped the 210 kits into 3 different versions in 2013, has once again returned with a fresh approach and this time added a feature every owner wanted. This year Malossi has updated these kits with a steel bolt-on exhaust stub, similar to the stub as fitted on the Malossi Aluminium 178/187cc kits for the PX125/150.

The steel stub seals to the cylinder with an o-ring and is held in place with a steel flange that is held on with 4 bolts. The flange also has extra holes for spring mounting already, so everything has been covered in this update.

The initial release of these kits is the Malossi 210 Sport mark 2 VM318591, and the Malossi 221 MHR mark 2 VM318599, is now with the Malossi 210 MHR to follow suit sometime in the near future.

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